Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Graham's Star

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For those who know where to look it is as good a time for romance as any other. And it is a very good time to introduce the work of the authors Rabbit and Fischer, who should hopefully join us regularly.

Show Notes

Music is Bach 41:ii from Lara St Johns's Bach Violin Concerto's, provided by magnatunes.

Voices belong to Sage Tyrtle and Pete Pollard.

Stories Written. Titles Provided.

"In the usual sort of way, this is a tale about people. Like most tales, it begins at the beginning and never really ends, unfolding flower-like into the memories of its readers even after the echoes of the final punctuation have long since died away. This is also a tale about a partnership; for the world loves two heads far more than one. And, because the universe has a sense of obligation about these things, one of the two was very short, and quite squat; while the other was quite tall, thin and spindly. Some would whisper, secretly, with many sidelong glances, that sometimes, they had heard, it was the other way around.

"They had a small office which was wooden, and rickety, and old. The windows had a crust of unidentifiable grime on them, so that it seemed, on glancing down into the narrow street outside, that all the world was underwater, and the office floated like a bathysphere in the murk. Upon the frosted glass of the warped door, in bold black typeface, was simply printed 'Rabbit & Fischer. Stories Written. Titles Provided.' And this, sinking into the gloom, tossed by strange currents, is their tale."
~ ~ ~ Pete Pollard, Going Dutch

Rabbit and Fischer are writers, creators. One day I'll prise them from of their office and persuade them to let me in on the story of their meeting and their curious means of employment. For now, we will concern ourselves with the fruits of their labour.

It would be prudent to warn any potential customers that Rabbit and Fischer have an uncertain and oft times manipulative relationship with truth. Certainly no-one has seen much of Graham for a while. That said, the door is unlocked and appointments are not necessary. Titles are provided, stories are written, they just need to be asked.

Graham's Star,

Rabbit and Fischer are portrayed by:
Sage Tyrtle & Pete Pollard