Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Graham's Star

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For those who know where to look it is as good a time for romance as any other. And it is a very good time to introduce the work of the authors Rabbit and Fischer, who should hopefully join us regularly.

Show Notes

Music is Bach 41:ii from Lara St Johns's Bach Violin Concerto's, provided by magnatunes.

Voices belong to Sage Tyrtle and Pete Pollard.

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Unknown said...

I'm now placed in the unfortunate position of trying to decide whether listening to that again, now, would be worth the lack of sleep I would suffer as a result. This in itself would not normally be a problem, after all 10 minutes is not a long time, however it's not the first time I've asked myself that question tonight and I fear that the answer may remain the same for a while yet...