Thursday, 28 June 2007

Episode 1, of wolves and seals and a free bicycle,

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This is sort of a 'zine, a punk cast. By which I mean it isn't really finished, but I'm putting it out anyway! I really wanted to start getting stuff out, and knowing that people are listening will drive me to better, darker, funnier, more. It's ropey in places, clunky in others, there's a lot of ways I want to take it. Do you want to take it there with me? Then email me!

Show Notes

I suppose you're meant to have some sort of intro theme. Here's Ibly Dy playing By the Year 2020 we will all ride giant wasps to work, recorded live at the red house. And some of Marching Footsteps recorded by Cognitu Perceptu and Big Door Shut Down by Loofa, from the Free Sound Project. And Sage Tyrtle of Quirky Nomads can't find a remote control. Apparently.


Malcolm Gibbons provides some guitar moods, some of the Dalesman's Lament, a bit of Prokofiev, and some musing melodies. But not in that order. And not all at once.


I will tell you a story of a girl. A famous girl. Dickens once described her as his first love, saying that he felt that if they could only be wed he would know perfect bliss. See The Christmas Tree. Here is an old version of the story, one that sees her bereft of her iconic headgear, but we are in no doubt as to her identity, and, well Charles, I know exactly what you mean. Traditional.


About a year ago I had the delight of seeing Danny Spooner perform live. It was brilliant. He's one of those artists whose material you just have to steal, or as it's known in the folk world, collect. This is a piece he learnt from a friend of his mother's, Mrs McCall, whilst sat at their knees as they darned late at night, bouncing stories and songs back and forth. The piece is from Scotland, I'd wager Orkney though I can't be sure. At the bottom of the piece of paper on which he wrote me the words there's a little throw away note that says it tells the story of the MacCudrum family who are descended from seals. If you know anything about this, or if you are a seal get in touch, I'd love to hear more.

Gulls by the Sea recorded by acclivity in sussex, from the Free Sound Project.


Never ride a bike on the road without a safety helmet and proper reflective clothing.

Freecycle is great for more than just bikes and puns!

The Ski Sunday theme is Pop Looks Bach by Sam Fonteyn


The closing music is the traditional Cold Haily Windy Night, performed here by the talented Silverwheel, check them out here and here, and be at their up coming gigs at The Holly Bush on the 4th of July and The Red House on the 8th of July. (More gigs listed on the Myspace page!)


Feedback very much appreciated!


Unknown said...

This is great, you have to continue with it.

My daughter recognised the wolf's tale of course but this version she had not previously encountered, and it made her sit up and listen.

The cycling description is priceless, and oh so reminiscent of every time I sling a leg over my bicycle.

I have more of an affinity to powered two-wheel motion myself, though t'is not, I fully acknowledge, the eco-friendly alternative.

Keep up the good work.

Prairiedaun said...

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed this podcast.

I came across this from the Quirky Nomads site, and the Clara 73 series (which I'm loving, thank you).

Do you have any idea if/when the next episode will be put out?