Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Beyond the Border and back again

A big "Hello!" to everyone here from Beyond the Border. Wasn't it amazing? My first time at St Donats and it took my breath away. As you can see there isn't much here at the moment, but I'll hopefully have another show out by the weekend. Please leave a comment below, and I'll see some of you again at Festival at the Edge!

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Unknown said...

Hi Tim,

Had a superb time at BTB. Really enjoyed your set. I thought the two parallel interwoven tales worked really well, and I loved the Serious Burns unit joke.

Thanks for autographing my daughter's programme, she really liked that.

Other highlights, for me were Rachel Rose Reid, Les Charbonniers de L'enfer, michael Harvey and TUUP. Can't make it to the Edge but hope to catch you somewhere else one day soon.

I assume you will post your bookings here.

Best wishes for your future,